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Calligraphy Practice Worksheets Book (Chancery Cursive)


The Calligraphy Practice Sheets Book with Chancery Cursive lettering stencils is designed to help beginners and more experienced writers advance their brush lettering skills. Using the handlettering worksheets, you will quickly be able to improve your calligraphy handwriting.

There are 83 pages in total. The copybook contains 3 pages of capital letters and small letters of Italic chancery cursive lettering, and 80 pages of lined calligraphy paper. The paper is suitable for a calligraphy fountain pens with 2.4mm and 1.5mm tips. We choose high-quality paper which is smooth to write on and not easy to spread for a smudge-free experience.

Coupled with a Narwhal Fountain Pen, and a wooden pen rest, you’ll have the most stylish calligraphy set up going around.


20cm x 20cm x 1cm


83 pages in total:

– 80 pages of calligraphy lined paper- 3 pages of capital letters and small letters of italic chancery cursive alphabet lettering


Place a calligraphy practice sheet template underneath a single sheet of calligraphy paper and practice writing along each letter. There are arrows beside each character to direct your path.


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