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Dominant Industry Fountain Pen Ink – Glacier


This ink is made in South Korea from raw materials that are safe for fountain pens, accompanied by a color consultant. Dominant Industry inks have an excellent balance of permeability and viscosity so they write fluently on paper but not harsh on the nibs. The ink is pH neutral and has been formulated not to harm pen resins or celluloid. Glass Bottle in 25ml size and comes in a dust bag. Standard Series and suitable for fountain pen use.


  • Can be used in all fountain pens, vintage or modern.
  • Do not cause clogging in your pen.
  • Offers a smooth typing experience.
  • Will not damage your pen.
  • It can be used in piston and converter filler pens.
  • The pH value is in determining international standards.
  • It has an MSDS certificate.
  • We recommend that you do not leave the ink you use in your fountain pen for more than 4 weeks.

Dominant Industry

Dominant Industry is a newly established ink company in South Korea. Dominant is the most important key to guiding the whole song in musical terms, and in artistic terms it means ‘the main color of the many colors of the picture’. Dominant Industry ink combines two special technologies: New type of oil-based ink and high-quality dye ink production.


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