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Gioia Alleria Crepuscolo Fountain Pen Gold Trim


The Alleria Crepuscolo is a handmade fountain pen turned from precious resin. Crepuscolo Sul Mare translates as twilight over the sea, and the marbled colours are reminiscent of dusk over the Bay of Naples.  

The Alleria is a full-sized modern classic, measuring in at 142mm capped. The pen has been turned from Italian precious resin and its marbled finish smacks of sophistication. The barrel threads are unique, being at the foot of the grip section, they facilitate a tight seal and a graceful capping experience.

The well sprung gold-plated clip is made using an ancient goldsmith’s process called “lost wax casting”. The cap and the barrel together have five trim rings that confer a neo-classic look. The result: a fountain pen with a modern silhouette and a strikingly attractive colour combination that smacks of Italian craftsmanship. With a smooth piston filling mechanism, huge ink capacity and a range of nib options, Gioia pens are here to stay. 


  • Colour: Marbled Blue Brown with Gold  Trim 
  • Material: Precious Resin & Gold Plated Trim
  • Nib: Gioia Engraved Steel #6 Jowo Nib
  • Filling System: Piston Filled

Nib Sizes

The iridium-tipped #6 JoWo steel nib is available in six different sizes:Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1 Stub and 1.5 Stub


  • Length capped: 142mm
  • Length uncapped: 134mm
  • Barrel diameter: 16mm
  • Section Diameter: 11.5mm
  • Cap diameter: 16mm

Gioia Pens

Gioia Pens are Neapolitan producers of luxury hand-turned fountain pens. This young Italian brand is known for great craftsmanship with twenty years of experience producing fountain pens. The production is made with rigorous quality controls and a hand-turned resin from solid bars that are proudly made in Italy.


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